Women Prefer Big Penises Because They Give More Physical Pleasure

Women may pretend to be attracted to a man for his looks, personality or money. This is sure pretense. The naked and cruder truth is that size really matters. Women in the 21st century are just like the cavewomen ancestors since the size of the penis still plays an important role in determining how attractive a man is.

A woman experiences some physical sensations when she comes into contact with a man’s penis. One of the sensations is when the penis comes into contact with her vagina and clitoris. The other is the one that has to do with touching; both the manual and oral touch.

Just like men get excited about women with firm, big breasts, women also get excited about men who are well endowed. Bigger penises cause more rubbing on the vagina and clitoris. This translates into more sexual pleasure. When the issue of thrusting during intercourse comes in, this is when it becomes obvious that penis size really matters when giving a woman pleasure.

How does a bigger penis bring pleasure? The first three inches of the vagina is filled with very sensitive nerves. A bigger penis helps women achieve vaginal orgasms. Deep inside the vagina, after the three inches, responds well to pressure from the penis. Thicker and longer penises cause pressure amounting to a feel-good sexual experience.

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Penis size matters for women’s touch. It is a lot exciting to touch bigger things, especially, a bigger penis. Just like men like fondling with big breasts so do women enjoy playing with bigger penises. A woman loves to feel and touch a man’s body. She enjoys squeezing his arms and chest that are muscular. This gives you a hint that every woman yearns for the time she starts to touch below the waist!

Now, do you think that a woman will experience the same feeling with a smaller penis just like a bigger one? Obviously not. A woman gets a lot more pleasure with a bigger penis than with a smaller penis. Also, size is something women consider when it comes to oral sex. Some women though prefer oral sex with a small penis but for a fact, most women get excited when sucking a bigger penis. A bigger penis makes oral sex more passionate.

A big penis gives a woman the feeling of being “full “during sexual intercourse. This is where the penis fills into the vagina. Women also feel good when “being pulled” during sex. This is what happens when the man is pulling the penis outward. A bigger penis also brings more stimulation to the g-spot area. This bigger penis also allows for any sexual position and style. The uterus on its part gets stimulated. With this big penis, there are no worries that the penis can slip out when the man starts to thrust heavily and the embarrassment of getting the penis back to the vagina.

To conclude, bigger penises matters most, even if some women prefer small penises, the bigger one has features and functions outweighing the smaller penis. If you suspect that you have a small or average penis, there are numerous ways of making it big, either naturally or using the modern and currently invented ways.

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