Why Do Men Want A Bigger Penis?

When it comes to sexual intercourse, a lot of emphases tend to be put on the size of the penis. Many studies reveal that a majority of men wish they possessed bigger penises. This can be proven by the numerous online searches relating to how to increase the penis size conducted on a daily basis. Also, this is evident by the numerous demands for the penis enlargement pills, penis extenders, penis pumps and other methods of penis enlargement. Well, there must be amazing reasons behind the demand for a bigger penis.

There are a lot of preferences for penises with certain lengths and sizes during intercourse. Even though size doesn't matter, there's an over hope that “the bigger the better.” Much hype about the bigger penis occurs mostly in porn movies where all the penises are way above the conventional size and physically appealing. Women gush out on how it's so big. In order to secure a job in the porn industry, you may have to possess a bigger penis to increase your chances of being considered since porn movies mainly exhibit male actors with huge penises.

Also, there is a common culture putting a lot of emphasis on men to be “man enough.” Man enough in this context means the ability to please a lady and the ability to match a woman well. If a man doesn't, then he won't be able to lead with authority like a man is assumed to. This, as a result, pressurizes the man to look for a bigger penis to assume the dominant role. The relation of the size of the penis with manhood is viewed as a controller of masculinity, which a majority of women admire thus the increased urge for most men to achieve that.

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The alpha male is another reason men obsess over bigger penises. An alpha male is termed the "strongest lion' among his peers. The alpha male links the penis size to a man's confidence. Most men want to be regarded as superior to their fellow men. As a man, you may want to be recognized as the one with a unique type of penis, which is the biggest of all the sizes. This increases your confidence and ego, which is very normal for any man. Therefore, every single man would put more effort in penis enlargement to develop a powerful, mightier and larger penis for him to be the alpha male.

Jealousy would also make a man want to have a huge penis. A jealous man would go an extra mile to ask his girlfriend about her ex's penis length and girth. This can even become more frustrating if he finds out that his girlfriend's ex was more gifted than him. Such questions arise from personal insecurities and a man doesn’t want to hear that the woman he is currently in a relationship with had a better satisfaction in the previous relationship than in the current because of the difference in the size of the penis.

Possessing a bigger penis is a good thing for any man out there looking to improve his bedroom performance and get his confidence and self-esteem on point. However, you should never get obsessed with your penis size to an extent that it affects your social well-being adversely. You can still make the best out of your size by shifting to sex positions that allow proper vaginal penetration and stimulation, focusing on clitoral and g-spot stimulation and considering oral sex among others.

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