What Is The Average Penis Size?

The size of a penis varies depending on a number of factors. These factors include time of day, the number of times of a sexual activity, sexual arousal, environmental and psychological influence and how reliable the penile measurement is. When compared to other primates, the human penis is the thickest. The growth of a penis occurs from birth to age five and proceeds during puberty.

For some men, the penis size has been a long battle for them and their love lives. These kinds of men tend to worry a lot about their penis sizes thinking that they are not meeting the sexual needs of their partners appropriately. This worry has made some men lose their focus in bed thereby affecting their sex lives adversely. Therefore, there is a need for any man to become aware of the penis size considered as average so as to keep himself free from the unnecessary worries and insecurities.

The mean length of a flaccid penis is averagely 3.5 inches and that of an erect one is roughly 5.2 inches according to several medical studies. The circumference of a flaccid one is between 3.4 to 4.0 inches while that of an erect one is 5.0 to 6.3 inches. Some studies have shown that the size of a man’s erect penis is not in any way correlated with the size of his penis when flaccid.

Men quite easily underestimate their own penis sizes relative to other men. Many of them believe that their penises do not satisfy their female partners. The perception of having a bigger penis is linked to a high self-esteem. A condition commonly referred to as penis panic develops due to the fears of shrinking of the penis. Also, the penis can shrink legitimately due to the Peyronies disease.

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It is something normal for the penis size to get smaller with age. Men in their 60s and above are likely to lose 0.4 inches on average as they age. An increase in body fats can result in the penis appearing smaller than it should be.

If your teenage son is worried about the size of his penis, it’s not yet time to worry much if he isn’t 14 years of age. Sometimes, penis sizes won’t grow until one is 14 years old. If no changes are observed during that age, then a trip to the pediatrician can let you know if all is well with his penis.

There are other factors used by other people to determine the penis length. These include; a guy’s weight, length of the index finger, and his foot size. However, using these methods does not guarantee consistency in predicting the actual length. Some researchers considered using the height of a man. This was summarized to mean that the taller the man the longer the penis. However, this is rather a myth as it doesn’t apply to all men.

Even if a man has a smaller penis than the average penis size, that’s not a reason to worry. Some women actually prefer smaller penises and when it comes to having sex, bigger isn’t always better. With a small penis, you can maximize your sexual pleasure and that of your partner by choosing the best sex position and coupling it with other methods of sexual arousal such as oral sex.

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