Do You Have Inhibitions Of Dating Someone Who Just Got Out Of A Relationship?

The end of a dating relationship is always difficult irrespective of how long the two individuals have been together. Then there are risks of resisting the temptation for a rebounding relationship. However, it is not true that everyone, who has come out of a bond, is incapable of having a new and healthy relationship. The only thing you need to know is what to anticipate and how to move ahead cautiously then nothing can stop you from having a healthy rebound relationship.

Have practical expectations

It is crucial to keep your expectation level on a realistic ground. Your partner might not be in a serious relationship with her ex, but it is quite likely that they might be left broken and hurt due break up. They might depend on you for filling up the void space in their lives. This is not a bad thing primarily, if both of you have an understanding just to have a casual affair.

However, things take a bad shape if one partner is thinking of taking the relationship to something special while the other does not. Therefore, take time and analyze the situation before committing yourself in a rebound relationship.

Make certain boundaries

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If you find that your partner still has a soft corner for her ex or if she is still in contact with her ex then it may be time to set up certain boundaries. Allow your partner to know about your willingness to move ahead with them over their ex. In fact, you can also talk to them if they are not respecting their limits.

Of course, it is ok that your partner vents out their feelings for their ex in front of you once in a while. However, restrict them to use you as a shoulder for crying and completely neglecting you by not respecting your feelings and emotions. Tell her that talking about their ex will just upset you and it will refrain her to move away from her ex and that she will not be able to focus on her new relationship with you.

If she continues to keep talking to her ex behind your back even after you have asked her to stop doing so, you can think of walking away.

Have patience and take it slowly

A rebound relationship demands time for the person to come out of the emotions attached with the previous relationship. If it is a fresh break up and you think she is the right girl for you then have patience and give her time to gather and get over her ex. You need to know that an unhappy relationship in the past is a complex and tedious path. Wait till she comes out of her emotional fluctuations and is prepared to move into a fresh relationship.

However, even after dating her if you find that she is not able to forget her past then you might consider looking for someone else, who would respect being with you both emotionally and mentally.

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