Do You Want To Talk To Your Partner About Commitment?

It is quite natural that in every dating the question that arises in the mind of one of the partners is, “are we just casual friends? What is the exact commitment level in our relationship?” Even you may have had the same question while in a dating relationship. The urge is to ask your partner straight away about how committed is she, but you never had the courage to do so.

It's important to communicate with your partner

Dating is all about dinners, dancing and lighthearted expressions, not necessarily serious conversations regarding commitments and lifetime plans. However, a promising relationship demands that you must know what your partner thinks about the relationship. So, just communicate with your partner to learn what exactly the status of your relationship is.

It might be that you are getting weird signals from your partner, but it is also important to understand that both the sexes have entirely different ways of communicating their feelings. Therefore, what you might consider as a wrong vibe might be something else. So, don't be too quick in judging the feelings of your partner. Instead, plan a day out with your partner, sit with her and do the talking of what do you think about your relationship and where is it heading.

Have a casual conversation

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Once you have decided to have a conversation with your partner about your long term relationship, the time for actual communication has arrived. The concept of “open conversation” looks good on paper, but it is extremely difficult during a constructive communication. It would sound very vague if you ask, “So what is happening with our relationship?” or”We need to talk”. This would sound frightening to your partner as probing the feelings can be intense.

Rather, pick up a private place or while dinner or sitting together and watching a movie or television. Bring up the topic very casually and allow your partner to unveil the feelings. Ask her if the vibes that you feel from her side does have a meaning or if it is just a sheer misunderstanding.

There is no harm in asking her if your relationship is heading towards a long term territory or is it just for some time. Ensure that you do not sound critical as you would surely want to allow your partner open up and have a clear conversation with you. Allow her to share her thoughts and plans that she feels are somewhat private.

Make a decision if the response is negative

After the conversation, if you find that both of you have opposite views about the commitment in your relationship then it's time for you to move on and make a decision. She might not be interested in a serious commitment and just wants to spend time with you. There can be two situations:

  • You can continue dating her with the hope that someday she would come around and take your relationship to the desired level
  • However, in this case be prepared that you might be dumped and your partner can move on with somebody else.
  • The other option is to break up and end the relationship
  • Start looking for one, who is also interested in a dedicated relationship just like you.

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