Does Falling In Love Costs Your Friends?

You may think that a new relationship can leave you little time for your friends and eventually you may lose them. However, such thinking is not factual. You can easily maintain your friendship without compromising your love life by following the tips mentioned below.

The reasons behind loosing your friends

There are loads of reasons behind this. Some of the most common among them are:

  • Your girl might get involved in your friendship with others and starts advising you in wrong manner.
  • You become too busy with you girl and do not give proper time to them.
  • You do not even communicate well, as all your time is now reserved for your partner.
  • Your girlfriend does not allow you to apologize to your friends.
  • You do not revert back and this is one of the despicable things for any friend.
  • You become too clingy with your girlfriend.
  • You take your date to every gathering, against your friends' will.
  • You boast about your date all the time.

Doing such things would no doubt annoy your friends and make them go away from you.

Do not become “We”

It is easy to be carried away, particularly in that honeymoon stage when both you and your partner want to be together all the time. In due course, you end being the “two people” and come out into a “we.”

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You sleep together, you eat together, you shower together, and you do everything as one. All that is dandy and fine, but changing into a “we” does not always go well with your close friends.

When your friends invite you to watch a movie, all they want is to spend some time with you. Moreover, the same is true for the night outs, Sunday brunches or picnics and several other occasions. Never forget to do your part. Ask them if the girl is invited before bringing her with you.

Do not believe in “you can't have it all”

Always believe that if you want it, you can get it. Do not let your partner dominate your life. Have proper space for all.

  • Go to social gatherings along with your girlfriend and other friends.
  • Fix a day in the whole week just for your friends.
  • Try to convince your partner to give you some time for your friends too.
  • Make her understand the value of social life.
  • Communicate with your friends as and when possible.

You can try different strategies or plans that can help you to be in touch with your friends. It is rightly said, “A real woman helps you manage everything”. It is better if you choose your partner wisely.


Although it is hard to maintain different relations at a time, it is never impossible. All it needs is your nurture, care and attention. Divide your time wisely. Be a gentleman in choosing your girl and you can easily maintain all your relations.

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