What If Your Date Is Older Than You

They say that caste, creed, color, race, height, age and in fact nothing matters in a relationship if there exists true love. Indeed, most of those don't, except the age factor. Disagree? Ok, it might be due to those numerous examples of celebrity couples and other famous personalities, with huge age differences, which you have been witnessing.

However, as a matter of fact, age difference does matter in a relationship. Of course, ‘to what extent', varies and depends on how matured and grown up you both are.

No matter whatever be your age, getting into a relationship is always exciting. It's one of the most significant stages in your lifetime. However, few aspects need to be given a second thought before getting into a serious relationship with someone, like the age difference that you both have.

Now, being a girl, you might have numerous concerns in your mind if he is older than you, and you both have been planning to get into a serious relationship. Hence, a little idea in this context might be of great help.

In Case You Both Are Grown And Matured Enough

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That brings in picture the most significant aspect to be considered, if there is such a difference in age of the would-be couple. Yes, the age group that you both belong to, significant matters.

As an example, there is no “much difference” if you both are say in your 50's, and he is 4 or 5 years older than you. However, the same difference of 4 or 5 years significantly matters if you both are still young say in your teens or 20's.

The reason behind, why it's ok, when the two are grown enough is that there comes a psychological and physical compatibility, in terms of maturity of the two individuals. Hence, two individuals in 40's or 50's can have a successful relationship even if there is great difference in ages of around 10 years. However, things are much different when they are young.

In Case You Both Are Really Young

You don't need to effort much to find examples of failed relationships of too young individuals. There are innumerable of those. Accept it, age difference can significantly matter when you both are young and want to get into a serious relationship.

Ok, you might have idea about marriages and relationships of the past centuries. Too young women were usually married-to, much older men. However gradually, with the growth and development in society things changed.

There have been created laws where 18 became the accepted age for an individual to be called an adult, to marry, or to have sex. Don't you think, there are proper reasons behind creating such laws and regulations?

Why Plunging Into A Serious Relationship Or Marriage – Hold On, Give A Second Thought

Especially in their teen-age, when they are quite young and immature, individuals rush to get into a relationship or marriage. However, they need to understand that this time is to figure out who they are, focus on themselves and their career. Besides, let relationships be for fun and enjoyment then, and not for immature commitments and responsibilities.

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