Hold On! You Might Need To Pay These For Having Friends With Benefits Relationship

The modern age has a new definition and perception to almost everything, including relationships. One of such examples is the new concept of friends-with-benefits relationship. Guys and most significantly girls get into these pretty easily, without giving a second thought to the price that they might need to pay for this.

You Might Miss Out On Someone Perfect for You

Ok, agreed that you guys have freedom in a friends-with-benefits relationship. You might have also set some ground rules like, as long as you both are in it, you won't sleep with someone else. However, if either of you would meet someone else with ‘relationship potential'. Then you would be free to walk away, without any issue or hassle. Sounds great! Doesn't it? However, the problem is, you yourself would never let it happen. Why?

They say and think that such a relationship is based just on physical terms, and you are only for benefits. However, when you have been having sex with him, that intimacy, and closeness, then your body develops a kind of attachment to that guy. Most significantly, it no longer remains mere a physical term between you both, but your heart too is now involved. Besides that attachment, when you are getting all your needs nourished then why on earth would you ever like to even meet someone else? Forget about getting into a relationship, that's a farther story.

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Hence, by now, you might have figured out the greatest problem with friends-with-benefits relationship. You almost lose all your chances to meet someone else who might be just the perfect one for you on the earth. To add to that, of course your “benefit-partner” is not the perfect one for you, or else you both might have got into a serious relationship by now. Wouldn't you?

You Might End Up Hurting Yourself

Admit it, that you would only agree for a friends-with-benefit relationship with someone, if you already have some kind of liking or interest in him. There is no denying the fact that you guys don't allow romance or love to enter into this practical relationship. However, the problem is, most of you women are a quite different, quite more emotional, and with a different biology than most of those males.

As already mentioned, you might have some liking for him. Besides, there are also those girls who get into such a relationship, just because they want to bring closer and fascinate the guy they like. Remember! Guys are usually a bit different, quite “fun” loving and easy moving. Especially, with such a freedom to move away anytime, it's always easy for them to have their cake, and bade goodbye without any feelings or unwanted emotions in their hearts.

It Can Be A Great Blow To Your Self-Esteem

That said, can you imagine what would be your situation if you have always liked him, or had an intention of making him love you, and he finally moves away after getting some other horny. You would be in pain, emotional trauma, and most primarily it will be a great blow to your self-esteem.

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