Asking A Girl Out Who Thinks You Are A Gay

Asking a girl out is every time, a nerve wracking experience. It becomes more difficult, when she thinks that you are a gay. You want to clear off her confusion, but the subject is quite sensitive to explain. If it is not dealt properly, then it will become a messy affair. Also, you wonder what made her think that you are not straight.

Find the answers to the following questions –

  • In case you did something, how will you reverse it?
  • Is she just pretending to think this because she does not like you?
  • How do you plan to prove that you are not a gay
  • How do you think you can ask her out?

First of all make sure how she uses the word gay

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There are a lot of people who use the word “gay” in their conversation, but it doesn't mean that it is related to “homosexual”. All they mean is that you are not cool or lame. Now, when your girl says that you are a gay, then understand under what pretext she is using this particular word.

How to make the real and honest impression?

There is only one thing that you can do to impress a girl and it is honesty and straightforwardness. Many girls don't like men who are straight with their opinion, but at the end it will surely yield you the expected result. Through this process you will surely find a partner who is worth you. You don't have to explain things to everyone, as it is not necessary.

Decide what you want to do:

Since you know that she is having a misconception about your sexual preferences, the first thing you got to do is clarify that it is not how she thinks. Once the confusion has been sorted out, you can decide if you still want to date her or part ways.

If you choose to let go, you probably will never know if there was a chance of falling in love with her, ever. Despite of knowing the fact, if you are still asking her to go out with you then there are chances that she will say no. At times you might never know why she refused you. Thus, it wouldn't be suggested to go out with anyone without explaining the facts to her.

You can never change anyone's perception about overnight. However, over a period of time you can convince someone to feel that way you want them to. Certain things take time, so don't think that everything will go fine as soon as she says that she understood the facts.

They will still continue to doubt your sexual preferences and it will go off with time. Once everything is sorted you can confidently ask her to go out on a date with you. Also, she will have no reasons to deny your proposal as she knows what you are. It is all about explaining her things in a convincing manner.

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