How To Figure Out If Someone Really Likes You?

You might come across many girls around you, who might just pretend to be too good to you, so that you can fall in for them. It is only after you are close to them that you realize about their true intentions, which is nothing but a disappointment. A perfect word for this type of people is “Leaker”. Leakers are someone who likes flirting and want to grab your attention. In the beginning everything seems to be great and rosy, but later you realize that there is nothing to interest you.

What does a leaker takes from you?

A leaker is a character who might be interested in materialistic things, and sometimes they might take away everything from you. They know the skills to make you crazy and might make you feel that there is no world apart from them.

In some cases they might want anything more than your attention, which means it is a harmless thing. They might try hard to get intimate with you, irrespective of the fact that they are married or involved with other people. They want to make you crazy so that you keep returning back to them always.

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Leaker and Liker:

How will you recognize that the person you are dating likes you and is not a leaker? There are few tips mention below, that will help in judging the other person and her intentions -

  • On the first meet, a leaker will always make you feel that you are the best and she enjoyed every moment that was spent with you. However, a liker might appreciate you but of course will not flatter you beyond a limit.
  • After meeting a leaker you will always feel insecure, and you might not want meet her again
  • The affection and interest shown by a leaker will not be exclusive. In fact, at a point you will feel they are treating all the people the same way, as they did you. On the other hand a liker may be good with others, but there are several things that they will only do for you and that will make you feel truly special.
  • You will find that life is moving a little faster with a leaker. Like they want everything at the same time while with a liker, things will move at a consistent speed as they know what they want and how much time it will take.
  • Leaker may sound exciting but they get bored very easily. On the other hand, every interest that a liker hold will be for long and things will seem more interesting with them.
  • Leakers will always have problem with commitments and a liker may take time to commit but surely they will.


So, it is easy to understand whether you are with a leaker or a liker. However, the difficult thing is to quit being with a leaker once you find it out. They are definitely too tempting to resist and the moments spent with them may be the most memorable ones, but remember they are all fake.

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