If Your Partner Avoiding You After The First Day? What Do You Think Went Wrong?

You went on your first date with this girl and everything worked exactly the way you had expected. Nothing went wrong and there were no mistakes from your side, but still there seems to be something missing.

You don't feel that she didn't like you and might not ever meet you ever for a second date. Now, what do you think went wrong? Did you do something that irritated her? All these questions can frustrate you, especially when you don't know exactly what went wrong.

Well, such a thing happens, when you think all was fine but this is not what the other person things. How will you figure out what was the issue and what will you do to overcome the problem.

Ask yourself two simple questions and try to get an answer for the same -

  • Did you both enjoy something in common
  • Was she actually avoiding you throughout the date

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1. Was there any chemistry at all?

You might have been attracted towards her, and surely want to meet her again. You hugged each other, kissed, and even shared many things with each other. However these are not the real indicators that she liked you and want to meet you again.

Generally, holding hands, hugging and kissing good bye are some of the normal things that you can expect out of your first date. They simply don't mean that you and your partner liked each other. These things are mentioned on the first date rules, and everyone does follow it as a normal trend.

You don't need to feel bad if your date did not call or text you after that first date. There are good chances that you liked her, but she didn't or maybe she wants some more time to decide.

2. Was she actually avoiding you the entire evening?

Do you think she nodded every time you said something? Do you think she was hardly interested in whatever stuffs you shared with her? Well, if your answer is yes it seemed like she was hardly interested in whatever you were sharing with her. She didn't want to continue with the talk and thus agreed to whatever you were saying. In this case, it might not be your fault, as she just doesn't find you good enough for her.

Such a thing can happen due to many factors. There are chances that she was very tired that day or simply did not want to go out that evening though she planned it with you. Thus anything you do can turn her off and might fail things for you.

It is not necessary that every time something has to go wrong and you blame it on one or the other factor. Sometimes, it just does not work because it wasn't meant too. May be it is good that way so accepting it that way is better. Also learn from your mistakes and don't commit it again ever.

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