Know Her Better By Understanding Her Body Language Well

Many men do not try to understand nonverbal signals that women show. This is the reason why they fail to get the attention of their ladylove. Usually a woman speaks more through her body language than what she does through her words. If you focus and try to understand what she is conveying, you will definitely beat any competitions around.

How to know a woman's body language?

In order to master this skill, all you have to do is make yourself aware of the open and closed gestures of a woman. Also, you have to do is learn and practice interpreting those gestures correctly. Before we understand women's most common gestures, you have to know about the external factors like a bad day at work or a fight with a friend can greatly affect her behavior.

Tips on female's body language:

The way she touches herself:

This is the most common gesture of a woman, and you must have definitely noticed many women doing the same. If she slowly and sensually touches her neck, throat or thighs, it means she is signaling the men around her. It is the most common way in which women sexually attract the men they are interested in. She will make you feel sensuous by doing so, and also while doing it she will begin imagining how it will be if you do the same.

Exposes her wrist:

A woman's wrist is considered as one of her highly erotic areas. Her skin is delicate there and if she flashes her wrist increasingly, then it means she is feeling sensuous about you and of course want you to feel the same.

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Touching her shoe:

This is again one of the powerful signs and it serves two purposes. First, she wants you to know that she is relaxed in every possible way as well as she wants you to notice her smooth and soft chest areas.

Reaching any cylindrical object:

This is actually an unconscious act, but it reveals exactly what is going in her mind. She will unconsciously reach for a penis shaped object like a stem of a wine glass. This action of hers indicates that she is into you and she wants that you take charge.

Physical contact:

This is the simplest and easiest gesture a woman can ever make. The way she touches you while smiling or talking conveys what she thinks about you and what you are for her. If she is repeating this action more often, you can for sure collect all the self confidence and ask her out.

Her lips:

Her lips are again a sensuous part of her body. She will repeatedly wet her lips in order to grab a man's attention. You will also find many women biting their lips, and this can be because of two reasons. First, she is may be feeling nervous because of the way you are looking at her or second she is flirting with you and waiting for you to make a move.

All these signs speak a woman's mind. If you understand them, then you'll exactly know how to approach a woman in the best possible way.

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