Some Unique First Date Ideas

Are you planning for your first date and getting the same old ideas? Well, do not worry because you are not the only one who is facing something like this. When we generally talk about first date, the only thing that clicks in our mind is spending a nice evening and a good candle light dinner. Well, isn't that just too old fashioned and common. In order to impress her, you need to work harder and do things, which are out of her imagination. Also, this is your special day, don't you think you should make it memorable.

Decide what your ideal date is?

Before brain storming, first decide what according to you an ideal date is. Is it having a nice dinner at an expensive restaurant or is it taking her on a beach for a long walks feeling the cool breeze. Confused? Well, an ideal first date should be something that gives you both enough opportunity to talk and have some quiet time as well. Also, you have to plan something that suits your girl. Go through the list of activities given below and you will know what you can do to spend a memorable time with each other on your first date.

List of first date activities:

A long walk:

Going for a long walk is a very good idea for the first date. You get some time to relax and she will also feel comfortable. Also, while talking a walk none of you will run out of words, as the conversation will go on and on with a lot of things to talk about with relaxed state of mind.


This is an exciting first date idea. There are people around you and it will make your girl feel relaxed and safe. She will definitely like the atmosphere around her and this will give you an opportunity to get close to her in case she needs any tips on bowling.

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Check out aquariums:

An aquarium is a place which suits many people for first date. The simple reason behind this is there are plenty of species around and so you get a chance to discuss about them in a quite environment.

Visit a theater:

Choosing a theater that is more classy and real is better than going for a movie on the first date. Both of you can dress up accordingly and enjoy the atmosphere around you.

An art gallery:

This place is good if both of you are mutually interested in arts. Make sure you don't take her only because she is interested, but you too should have some knowledge about it.

Give her a tour of your own town:

Usually people don't know why there own town is popular for tourism. Thus, grab this opportunity and discover your own town. This will not only please her, but give you an opportunity to know what kind of places she likes and what not.

In a nutshell, use these first date ideas and make it a complete package of fun and enjoyment.

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