Tips For Avoiding The Conversation Dead Zone On Your First Date

You are on a blind date with a girl, who is beautiful and impressive as well. There are so many things that you want to know about her, but wondering where to start from. You are nervous and are not able to think about anything that you can talk to her.

Things become more difficult when she also doesn't talk about anything. You have been waiting for this day and now unhappy as there is nothing working between both of you. Almost everyone has been through this situation and it I not a challenge to overcome the problem. All you need to do is remain calm. Don't ever let it become the “First date dead zone”

Why do people get freeze on their first date?

Most of the people feel uncomfortable on the first date and this is one of the reasons why they are silent when they meet a stranger. No one would like such a silence, and it will not result it into anything.

All such things happen because you both are –

  • Scared of saying something stupid.
  • Scared to realize the fact that you both might not have anything common and sooner or later you both might part ways
  • Scared that your actions and talks might annoy your date.

There is no trick that can be used to overcome this issue, unless of course you make a conscious effort for the same. In order to avoid such a situation, you can make a mental note of the questions that you might want to ask her and practice the way you will engage her into the talk.

What is common on first date?

First date is really a nerve wracking experience. However, it is also exciting in its own way. Usually your date might want to check the following things -

  • Check your body language and the manner you communicate with her
  • Your sense of humor can ease the situation
  • How good can you grab her attention and make her feel comfortable
  • Check if she is with a person who is worth trusting

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These are few of the things that you can know on your first date. Also, with proper tactics and techniques you can learn more about her. It is quite important to break the “dead zone” and talk.

How to initiate a conversation one after the other:

You can be gentle and confident from the moment you meet your date. As she is meeting a stranger, make friendly approaches towards her. Allow her to get into the comfort zone, and then start conversing.

Below are some of the questions which you can ask her

  • “How was your day”?
  • “What work do you do”?
  • “Do you have any pets”?
  • “What are your hobbies or what activities do you like to do in off days”?
  • “Are you interested in any sports or exercising activities”?

Ok, now this may be sounding a little annoying but these are the simplest questions that you can ask anyone, anytime. Make them feel comfortable and once they are you can ask other questions.

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