What Does It Mean When Your Girlfriend Needs Some Space?

There is nothing new in this situation and all of us have faced this at some or the other point in our dating life. It is normal that one partner may ask for some space and the second one want to be closer. However, the question is what is the reason behind asking this space and is there a hidden meaning behind it.

Possible reasons for asking space.

There are several reasons for which your partner may be asking for space. In such a situation, your question should not be is it good or bad to ask space, but all you should be concerned about is for what reasons do they need this space. Is something bothering them? Do they think the relation is not working with them? Do they mean to ignore you? On the other hand, is it just that they need some space and time for themselves and their friends and family?

To figure out the reason for what they need space, the best way is to ask a few questions to yourself. For instance:

  • Have they got out of a long relationship and do they want to take this new one a little slowly?
  • Are they facing any financial or emotional crises?
  • Have they lost a close family member or a friend recently?

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These are all genuine reasons for which a person may need some space and lastly you can ask yourself, won't you behave the same way if you have faced anything like this. The answer you get is yes. If you are in the middle of something, which is uncomfortable definitely you will need time to figure it out and some space from almost everyone including your partner.

In such situations, it is not right to say that they are ignoring you or may be its not working out on their side. All it means is they need some time from you to handle their situatios themselves. They do not really want to involve you to solve their issues and the only thing they want from you is understanding and some breathing room.

Giving space is good:

If your partner is asking for some space, there is nothing, you can do about it. It may sound and turn out a little frustrating because initially you may not be able to handle it but it is your partner's choice and you cannot do a thing about it. In addition, the best thing is, if you give them the space they need they will realize that they understand and gradually will move towards you with more love and affection. It is the most common theory, ‘the reverse reaction'.

Just give the space your partner needs and let them know that you are always there for them and you want it to work the right way without forcing them.

Do they want some space in order to end the relation?

Well, if that is the case and you have enough reasons to prove it then go ahead and talk to them directly. You do not need to waste time by being with each other. Discussing openly on the issues you have with each other will help a lot in winding up this situation quickly. Talk your heart out and let your partner also say what they feel. This will help both of you.

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